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Melillo Marsala Labels

Also available in full Liter size.

Authentic Marsala Wine originated and is still produced in the area around the Northeast coast of Sicily.  Three grape varieties are used; the Inzolia, Grillo and Cataratto.  Actually Marsala was popularized around 1760 almostby accident when John Woodhouse, an English Wine Merchant, shipped some of his light table wine from Sicily.  Before the barrels left the island Woodhouse added some brandy to each cask to brace the Marsala for the voyage to London.  The once uninteresting table wine took well to the strengthening and within a few years the making of fortified Marsala became firmly established on the island.

MELILLO SWEET MARSALA and MELILLO DRY MARSALA are outstanding wines produced by a firm with a history of nearly 100 years.  MELILLO SWEET is ideal with or after dessert.  MELILLO DRY is a unique aperitif.  Both wines are used in cooking to add flair to and enhance the flavor of good food.

Melillo Sweet

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